Traversing History explores the concept of gender diversity within Western society on a historical spectrum.


Throughout history, there have been cultures that embrace anywhere from three to five distinct gender identities, with societies around the world recognising and embracing a limitless number of gender expressions outside of the gender binary.


While we can find examples of non-binary gender expression across the world, few historical examples can be found within Western societies. Gender neutral terms have been said to be existent in the English language from the year 700, but were eradicated not only for being deemed unacceptable, but also as a means to simplify gendered language.


By only accepting cisgender and transgender identities, it implies one can only be seen as valid within the deeply embedded gender binary; which explains why our society shuns those who do not fit into these boxes. Through this installation, I would like to challenge the Western notions of gender, with each non-binary person representing a different period in history. These time periods date from Ancient Rome through to the Technological Age, and focus mainly on Western historical trends.


Traversing History aims to increase the visibility of and provide a voice for the non-binary community in Australia. By starting a conversation around gender diversity, we can hope to educate the uninformed and progress towards a more inclusive societal structure.


(Some images are exempt to protect the privacy of the models)

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